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      Zhongyu Zhucheng Electrical Equipment Co. (formerly Collette) is the domestic livestock and poultry breeding equipment industry leader, the company sets product development, engineering design, manufacture, installation and service in one. The main products are complete sets of feeding equipment breeder, broiler feeding equipment sets, poultry house environmental control equipment, bio-safety engineering as well as other various ancillary plastic products,……[To enter detailed]

      Tel: 400-0536-657
      Fax: 86-0536-6586789
      Website: www.doge007.com
      E-mail: kaleter@163.com
      Add: Industrial Park, Shandong Province zhigou
      Service E-mail: kaleter@163.com Click here to send me a message

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      Address:Shan Dong Zhi Gou,Industrial Park     Zip Code :262200
      Tel:086-0536-6586618  Fax:086-0536-6586789  Email:kaleter@163.com

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